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Lobster is one of the rare dishes that almost everybody considers to be a delicacy. Because this is a favorite dish among many people, it is important that you don’t ruin the dish for your guests in the preparation or presentation of it.

Lobster is always a favorite for dinner parties, but if you choose to serve this dish, you should be prepared to pay because lobster certainly is not cheap. Because you will be spending a good deal of money on lobsters, it is important that you prepare them in the proper way.

When preparing lobster, it needs to boil in hot water until it is completely ready. The amount of time the lobster needs to boil will vary depending on the size of the lobster.

The fact of the matter is that a lobster does not really look that inviting to eat all by itself. It actually kind of looks like a little monster. This is why most people will include some kind of garnish around the lobster to improve the aesthetics of the presentation.

As far as eating the lobster is concerned, you can never really go wrong by supplying all kinds of melted butter that people can dip the meat into. If people are a little more health conscious, you may also want to include melted margarine. Most people like to have some kind of butter into which they can dip the lobster meat.

Just a word of warning: do not order lobster on a first date or at an important business dinner. Eating a lobster can be an exercise in patience (or futility) and it can be difficult simply to crack open the lobster. People tend to focus more on the lobster than they do on the others around them.